Sewards Folly Russian Imperial Stout and Barrel Aged Versionby 49th State Brewing

celebrate seward’s day with whiskey b.a. seward’s folly

William H Seward

Secretary of State William Seward brokered the purchase of Alaska by the United States from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million, or two cents an acre. Many ridiculed the deal, calling Alaska Seward’s Folly for being expensive and frivolous when the country was rebuilding itself in the aftermath of the Civil War. Alaska also garnered the nicknames Seward’s Icebox and Walrussia (a portmanteau of Walrus and Russia). We now know the Alaska Purchase was a steal for us. in Alaska, we celebrate Seward’s Day on the last Monday in march. for seward’s day 2023, we’re gearing up for an exquisite release.

Whiskey Barrel Aged Sewards Folly by 49th State Brewing

As an ode to this infamous deal that created our great state, we brew Seward’s Folly Russian Imperial Stout.  2023’s barrel-aged version was blended from multiple American whiskey and bourbon barrels to create a magnificent release that is quite possibly the best we’ve ever created. After over a year of aging, The result is full-bodied and smooth, dripping with notes of dark chocolate, molasses, oak, and whiskey with hints of spice and dark fruit. This beer drops on Seward’s Day 2023.

Whiskey Barrel Aged Seward's Folly by 49th State Brewing
we recommend buying at least two cans of whiskey b.a. seward’s folly: one for enjoying now and one for cellaring. This beer will age beautifully for years to come like a fine wine.

Whiskey B.A. Seward’s Folly is the first release from our Cache Collection: the rarest, most exquisite beers from our Beer Cache that are perfect for savoring FOR special occasions or stashing away in your beer cellar to improve with age.
Seward's Folly and Barrel Aged Seward's Folly by 49th State Brewing
whiskey barrel-aged rewards folly will be available in 12oz cans and 12oz 4pks only at our downtown anchorage pub on Monday 3/27. The release quantity will be limited and there are no per-person limits on cans, so please plan accordingly. our non-b.a. version of seward’s folly is available year-round in cans and on draft at our pub and in liquor stores, bars and restaurants across our great state.