Alaska Craft Soda

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Frontier Aurora borealis soda

Experience the mysterious majesty of the northern lights in every sip of this soda that tastes like Alaska’s most beautiful natural phenomenon.

Frontier Ripe Raspberry soda

Radiating a bright crimson, this soda tastes like a wild sun-ripened Alaskan red raspberry after being plucked from the vine.

frontier Spruce Tip

A bright moss green soda with notes of red raspberry and lemon-lime that tastes like a stroll through an ancient Alaskan spruce rainforest during a downpour.

Wild Blueberry Cream Soda

A purple potion with bold notes of wild blueberries and vanilla that tastes like a hungry black bear ravaging a ripe berry patch.

Frontier root beer

This delightfully sweet and spicy libation, overflowing with notes of vanilla and honey, was modeled after an old Klondike gold miner’s closely guarded root beer recipe.

Frontier Cola

This caffeinated cola tastes like a bolt of citrus and ginger lightning striking the Alaskan tundra!

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Frontier spring breakup soda

A mysteriously delicious indigo blue soda crafted to celebrate the magical time in Alaska when the ice and snow of Winter melts away into Spring.

Frontier shamrock splash soda

We crafted this mysteriously delicious, vibrant orange libation with inspiration from the Alaska summer sun that we all know and love. What does it taste like? Our lips are sealed. You’ll have to try it to find out.

Frontier Whiteout Soda

We crafted this mysteriously delicious soda to taste like the first snowflakes of winter falling directly onto your tongue.

Frontier Peppermint Bark soda

Rich milk chocolate and hints of cooling peppermint swirl together to envelop you in the flavors of winter with each sip.

Frontier sugar cookie soda

This special soda release tastes just like a fresh batch of holiday sugar cookies decorated lovingly with icing and sprinkles.

Frontier Pumkpin Pie soda

Crafted especially for Fall, this soda tastes like a slice of homemade pumpkin pie with a generous dollop of freshly whipped cream.

Alaska craft soda
Crafted in small batches with Alaskan Glacier water
to celebrate the flavors of our great state.
Frontier Soda by 49th State Brewing is Alaska soda at its best.

“I dislike Root Beer but Frontier Root Beer is a whole different story. Smooth, not overpowering and incredibly delicious. Please continue to make this because it tastes amazing!!!” – Reina Y

“We ordered the Pumpkin Pie soda and it’s amazing !! it tastes like a high quality cream soda with wonderful spicey notes like nutmeg and cinnamon! I would recommend 100 times over :)) all the way from Oregon, we love this product!” – Hailey W