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Welcome to The
Forty-Ninth State

our Beer Proudly Brewed In Alaska

49th State Alaska
8 Star Lager

frontier style lager
Crisp, clean and refreshing

As gold as the eight stars adorning the flag of Alaska, this refreshing lager brewed with pure glacial water features bready malt notes and hints of noble hops with a crisp, clean finish.

our Beer Proudly Brewed In Alaska

Solstice IPA

American IPA
Citrusy, Juicy and Balanced

An ode to Alaska’s 24 hours of Arctic Sunlight on the Summer Solstice, our IPA has a Citra-forward hop profile with aromatics of juicy grapefruit and ripe melon balanced with the perfect level of bitterness.

our Beer Proudly Brewed In Alaska

907 Pale Ale

Frontier-Style Pale Ale
Tropical, Crisp and Crushable

Named for our area code and brewed with the Alaskan wheat as a homage to our great state. 907 is bursting with intense tropical notes of tangerine, ripe pineapple, and açai berry. Crisp, effervescent, and perfectly balanced. 907 is the perfect companion to any Alaskan adventure.

our Beer Proudly Brewed In Alaska

Blonde Eagle Ale


Our refined yet rugged blonde ale stands apart from the rest like the rare blonde bald eagle stands out among their flock. With hints of honey, malt and fruit, Blonde Eagle ale is light-bodied, smooth and insanely easy-drinking.

our Beer Proudly Brewed In Alaska

Nitro McCarthy Stout

Nitro Dry Irish Stout
Smooth, Robust & Roasty

Alaska’s original nitro stout. This velvety, creamy and deceptively drinkable Dry Irish Stout is bursting with robust notes of chocolate and coffee from assertive use of dark roasted malts. Now available for the first time in nitro cans.

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