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2010 – Converting the Bus Barn

A 3 Bay Bus barn in Healy sat alone on a wooded property at the doorstep to Denali National Park. We set up one bay as a restaurant, one as our future brewery, and one for restrooms and back-of-house storage.

The brewery had a bit of an echo at the start since we only brewed a barrel at a time. Our brewers were perfecting their recipes before they brewed higher volumes. In those days, we’d announce that a few kegs were ready to be tapped, people would drive down from Fairbanks (2 hrs away), and the beer would be gone by the time they got here. NOTE: We still use this system for pilot testing!

1 barrel at a time

Interior of 49th State Brewing – Denali Park

Authentic Alaska

In interior Alaska, you’re pretty far away from the supply chain so we use what we tend to repurpose things, a lot. You can see our fire pit was made out of a cement mixer. There was a huge community table built with two boulders as the table base (it’s now in the beer garden). Sections of The trees that were downed to create the beer garden were brought inside for decoration and to build shelving for our collection of 300 whiskies.

Augtoberfest beginnings

September/October is a little late in the season for us to have a festival so we created augtoberfest. Originally, we celebrated indoors and had, of all things, a kyoto drum group from japan opening for a popular alaskan band, the photons. It was quite the party as you can see here!

Bavarian Foods

Augtoberfest wouldn’t be complete without its traditional Bavarian Menu! Here you can see our signature bavarian pretzel with sausages. Now, we have a currywurst made with Alaska 8 Star lager! It’s all perfect with a liter stein of beer!

Bavarian Food at Augtoberfest

Augtoberfest Today

now, Augtoberfest is celebrated en masse at the pub with people driving from all over alaska to attend. events like axe throwing, hammerschlagen, stein holding competitions, costume competitions, and more all contribute to a lively weekend of fun, food, brews, and revelry.

band at augtoberfest

Solstice Brewfest

the night is always young in denali and that’s never more true than during summer solstice. to celebrate, we created SOlstice brewfest in 2011. This festival needed a beer that would stand the test of time along with the festival and solstice ipa has quenched the pallets of solstice brewfest attendees ever since!
solstice brewfest dancer

The Birth of Solstice IPA

Solstice IPA original design

Original packaging for solstice IPA

Solstice ipa today

nationally Rated in the top 10 ipas on untappd, solstice ipa has earned its stripes and is one of our core beers. we now brew special variations of it for solstice brewfest like triple dry Hopped Triple IPAS, Tangerine versions, and more!

first level up

During the 2012 season, 49th State Brewing – denali park produced roughly 130 barrels of beer, which is the equivalent to 260 kegs. In 2013 we finished the season at around 500 barrels, which maxed out the existing 5BBL brewhouse less than 2 years after it was commissioned.

5bbl system

49th State brewers in Denali

15 bbl brewhouse

second level up

In 2014, a new, state of the art 15 BBL brewhouse from Premier Stainless was installed along with substantial tank capacity over the previous system.  With that installment, the 49th State’s Denali brewpub was able to produce around 1500 barrels, effectively tripling the previous capacity to brew. 


2016 – Downtown Anchorage Brewpub Opens

49th State’s downtown Anchorage brewpub was acquired at the end of 2015 and opened july 4th, 2016. Originally an Elk’s Lodge building built in 1917, it grew over the decades into a local social club. The three story property located on the water with a view of the Alaska range hosted a private bar, dining area, bowling lanes, and ballroom which made it the gathering place in Anchorage. In 1996, Snow Goose Restaurant and Sleeping Lady Brewing Co took ownership and transformed it into a brewery and commercial restaurant that fit right in with Alaska’s great tradition of brewing.

Now, with 49th State Brewing in residence, the brewpub has added an additional 500BBLs of beer to annual production and maintains a bustling restaurant with two dining rooms, two rooftop patios, a theater, 3 private dining spaces, and a giftshop in this 30,000 sq. ft. space.

article about 49th State Anchorage Opening
Article from the ADN by Suzanna caldwell

2019 – Alaska pacific beverage company opens downtown @ the rail

Article from the anchorage press by James “dr. fermento” Roberts

2023 – 49th State Brewing Opens Two Locations at Ted Stevens International Airport

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