BeeKeeping Class
5 years after their first snowy winter, the snowbees are going strong!
Caretaker of the snowbees, Tim huffman, was able to pull a harvest last summer during a very challenging summer for honey production. THis is largely due to the strength of the colonies due to the sustainable beekeeping practices of the Snowbee hives.
You can learn how to do this to!
Join us at our downtown Anchorage brewpub and learn from the master. 49th State Brewing is excited to offer our beginning beekeeping class series. The schedule consists of two classes, one before your bees arrive and one afterward to learn about on-going care.
The two classes occur on Feb. 6th (class 1) and 27th (class 2) from 6-9pm in the Private Dining Room on the 2nd floor of our downtown Anchorage pub. Light refreshments are provided. You may also purchase beer and other items to enjoy during the class.

Email to reserve your spot today

The littlest workers at 49th State Brewing are our Snowbees. The apiary is located here in anchorage and we practice sustainable beekeeping. That means that the snowbees are wintering in Alaska and surviving! Currently, the snowbees total 8 colonies. The amount of honey they produce varies depending on the weather. We can promise you that it’s some of the best honey in the world! Clean, clear Alaskan air means low pollution and healthy, happy honey bees.
Try Snowbee honey when we release special beers made with the honey, in the honey butter served with our spent grain lager loaves, or in the Alaskan honeymoon cocktail at the overlook restaurant in Denali Park.