sip the sun
two people sitting by the ocean cheersing 49th state beers

In the Last Frontier, there is a day when the sun never sets. A day to hike with friends and make toasts to a summer of catching reds, biking mountain trails, and flipping burgers on the grill. We call this day Summer Solstice, and we celebrate with our Solstice IPA. 

Solstice IPA was originally brewed as a one-off IPA for our 2012 solstice Brewfest in denali, where the solstice sun shines for nearly 24 hours straight. Born out of the desire to brew a more drinkable IPA with a lower perceived bitterness, we created a beer with a Citra-forward hop profile, giving it aromatics of juicy grapefruit and ripe melon. The reduced maltiness of Solstice allows these specifically chosen citrus notes to be the main attraction of our signature IPA. And at 6.8% alcohol with 68 IBUs, this bright and crisp brew is the perfect pairing for a pucker-free summer’s day. 

However you choose to enjoy it, we raise a glass to you, to Solstice, and to that endless adventurous spirit of Alaska – the land of the midnight sun.