St. Patrick’s Day is without a doubt our favorite holiday. To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Alaska Way for 2023, we went all out and crafted a unique Frontier Soda release to celebrate the occasion. 

We consulted with our leprechaun buddies about their favorite St. Patrick’s Day libation and their answers were unanimous: they loved vanilla milkshakes with a slight hint of mint. So we got to work. After countless trials with the leprechauns as taste testers, we created the perfect recipe. Pouring a beautifully milky green, this soda is overflowing with rich notes of vanilla ice cream culminating with just a hint of mint. 

Shamrock Splash is not available online or in grocery stores across Alaska. The only place you can find this magically minty marvel is at our Downtown Anchorage Pub for a limited time. Get it while you can.