Ryeditarod Rides Again
49th State Brewing, Cache Collection, Ryeditarod

Rye lovers rejoice! Ryeditarod is back at our Downtown Anchorage Brewpub just in time for Fur Rondy festivities. Originally conceived as the perfect winter treat for the discerning rye whiskey and beer lover, Ryeditarod is an imperial porter brewed with rye, then barrel-aged in American rye whiskey barrels. This unique annual release from our Cache Collection of rare beers marks the start of Fur Rendezvous in Anchorage and the Iditarod.

2024’s Ryeditarod release pours a deep chestnut brown. The aromas and flavors are very wood-forward, with a heavily charred oak spiciness followed by notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, gooey caramel, and rye spice. Its body is thick, viscous, and mouth-coating.

Ryeditarod is perfect for enjoying now or stocking your beer cellar with. It should only improve with age: the oakiness should mellow and the rich caramel and chocolate notes should evolve beautifully for years to come. To help protect the beer during the aging process and extend its lifespan, all Ryeditarod bottle caps are wax-dipped to protect oxygen from entering the bottle.

Have a bottle with us or grab a bottle to go from our Downtown Anchorage Brewpub. Coming soon to our Ted Stevens Airport Brewpub.