Sustainable Yak Farming

Did you know that yak farming is an industry in Alaska?

Back in 2005, we were searching for sustainable Alaska foods to add to our menu. During the hunt, we came across circle f ranch. Back then, the Fifthian family had only a few head of yak. There were significant challenges selling their product like transportation, processing, and a market that didn’t really know what to do with yak.

our co/founder, David McCarthy, was not to be deterred. As a trained chef, processing and creating an item that is marketable was easy to manage, he created the yak-a-dilla. Ground yak in a familiar quesadilla format was a way to introduce the product to the masses. McCarthy said, “You see, the tenderloin is just too cost-prohibitive for most people coming to a pub. There’s also a very limited amount so you aren’t able to put it on the menu permanently. but an item like a quesadilla, that is a “low-risk” choice for an adventurous protein.”

With the continued success of the Yak-a-dilla, circle f ranch was able to grow. Over time, they were able to increase their heard size enough for us to add a yak burger on the menu. now, with the demand for yak soaring, the Fifthian family’s ranch has hundreds of yaks and three more ranchers have started up in Alaska. We purchase nearly all of the yak meat from the ranches and have demand for more.

We believe this is proof, that yak could be to Alaska what cattle is to Texas. what do you think? Come in and try a yak burger or yak-a-dilla and let us know.

Yak Ranch in Alaska