Alaska Beer Awards Wins
Brewmeister Rafael Gonzalez Mosqueda
receiving 1st place for Seward’s Folly
49th State Brew Crew celebrating their achievements

Last week the Brewers Guild of Alaska awarded 54 medals for quality to the best liquids of over 200 entries from 24 breweries, cideries, meaderies, and kombucha producers across Alaska in 18 categories. We are honored and humbled to take home eight of those medals:

🥇 – Arctic Roots Alaska-Semi Sweet Cider – Non-Flavored Cider/Mead/Seltzer/Kombucha category
🥇 – Golden Dall – German, Belgian, Brett Beer category
🥇 – Seward’s Folly – Imperial Ale category
🥈 – Alaska 8 Star Lager – Pale Lager category
🥈 – Solstice IPA – American IPA category
🥉 – Smōk – Coffee & Smoked Beer category
🥉 – Nitro McCarthy Stout – Dark Beer category
🥉 – Sour Golden Dall – Sour Beer category

Thank you to the Brewers Guild of Alaska and congratulations to all of our other fellow winners. Most importantly, thank you to our incredible Production team that strives for excellence with each batch of beer, cider, and soda they create everyday.